Comedy Videos

Welcome to my club, concerts and cruise ship video page. Some of the material on this page might be a little "adult" in nature. So, please be advised in advance and relax and enjoy.


"I Text My Ex" -- This is a story about love gone wrong.

"Able to Make People Laugh with His Bare Hands" -- a sample of Tim's work in clubs, concerts and on cruise ships.

"Montego Bay Airport" -- Enjoy Tim's video montage of his visit to Montego Bay, Jamaica. The song was recorded live on "The Bob & Tom Show."

"Happy Father's Day" -- Here's a Father's Day tribute that touches on all the traditional Father's Day themes: a child's unbridled enthusiasm for Dad, thoughtful Father's Day gifts, paternity, prison and cellular biology. What more could Dad want?

"Comedian on Vacation" -- Ever wonder what it's like when a comedian takes a vacation? One thing's for sure: There's no way all his baggage will fit in the overhead compartment.